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Break Through Barriers to Scale with the Fastest Distributed Database

Frustrated with Cassandra?

Learn about your peers’ Apache Cassandra replacements

DynamoDB Costs Unsustainable?

Reduce TCO with improved performance + no vendor lock in

SQL Holding You Back?

Achieve performance at scale with a modern approach to NoSQL

Architected for data-intensive applications that require high performance and low-latency

ScyllaDB provides staggering performance at massive scale –and for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. We’re uniquely architected to extract every ounce of performance from modern multi-core servers

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Jan 19
ScyllaDB Virtual Workshop
Feb 15-16
ScyllaDB Summit 2023

With ScyllaDB’s scalable NoSQL database at their core, industry leaders are delivering amazing real-time experiences at scale

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ScyllaDB's distributed database is monstrously fast + scalable

The best NoSQL database for the most demanding applications and the perfect DynamoDB and Apache Cassandra alternative
Start fast.
Scale fearlessly.

ScyllaDB Cloud

The fastest and most affordable NoSQL database-as-a-service (DBaaS).

ScyllaDB Enterprise

Leverage enterprise features, 24/7 support, and professional services.

ssh -i your-key-pair.pem [email protected]

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Expertly supported.

Monstrously fast + scalable open source NoSQL.

ScyllaDB Open Source

Free, open source NoSQL database for data-intensive applications.

Grows with your business & your data


Highly Scalable

Low & Consistent Latency

Always-on Availability

Optimum TCO

Auto Tuning

Community Backed

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