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Tech Talks on ScyllaDB and all things NoSQL

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Scylla Summit 2016 Closing Remarks

ScyllaDB Chairman Benny Schnaider

6 min

ScyllaDB: Present and Future | Scylla Summit 2016

Avi Kivity, ScyllaDB co-founder and CTO

30 min

Scylla and Cassandra at Kenshoo | Scylla Summit 2016

Noam Hasson, Engineer, Kenshoo

23 min

Analytics Scylla Presto

Analytics Show Time: Spark and Presto Powered by Scylla | Scylla Summit 2016

Tzach Livyatan, ScyllaDBEyal Gutkind, ScyllaDB

24 min

Outbrain Case Study | Scylla Summit 2016

Shalom Yershalmy, Production Engineer, OutbrainShlomi Livne, VP R&D, ScyllaDB

22 min

Graph Processing with Titan and ScyllaDB with Jason Plurad, IBM Graph | Scylla Summit 2016

Jason Purad, Software Engineer, IBM Open Technology Committer, Apache TinkerPop

29 min

Using ScyllaDB for a Microservice-based Pipeline in Go | Scylla Summit 2016

Henrik Johansson, Senior Developer, Eniro Initiatives

26 min

monitoring deep dive

Deep Dive: Performance and Monitoring | Scylla Summit 2016

Glauber Costa, Software Developer, ScyllaDBTomasz Grabiec, Software Developer, ScyllaDB

23 min

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