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Survey Results: NoSQL Adoption for San Francisco Bay Area Amazon Web Services Users

AWS NoSQL Adoption Survey Image

We’ve spent the first quarter of 2017 researching how developers build a wide range of mission-critical solutions. In our effort to better understand how open source solutions contribute to applications built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), we surveyed 117 active developers on AWS who attended the 2017 AWS Summit in San Francisco about their NoSQL database adoption.

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Introducing Scylla Enterprise 2017-01

Scylla Enterprise image

We are pleased to announce the first production-ready release of Scylla Enterprise, scylla-enterprise v2017-01. Scylla Enterprise (SE) is built on the open source Scylla project, and Scylla v2017-01 is based on Scylla 1.6.1. Subscriptions include an SE license, tested and certified binaries, software updates, hot fixes, technical support, best practices, and access to training and Professional Services. SE Support guarantees that you will have access to the engineers who develop Scylla.

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Making sure your Scylla cluster is secure

What’s the problem? Recently several NoSQL database clusters were targeted by hacker attacks. According to a report, the first known occurrences affected MongoDB, but soon after ElasticSearch clusters, Hadoop servers and CouchDB databases were affected as well. Is it relevant for the security of ScyllaDB installations? Heck yeah! In order to prevent an attack on your Scylla installation, proper configuration is critical from the get go.

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Seastar: new C++ framework for web-scale workloads

Today, we are releasing Seastar, a new open-source C++ framework for extreme high-performance applications on OSv and Linux. Seastar brings a 5x throughput improvement to web-scale workloads, at millions of transactions per second on a single server, and is optimized for modern physical and virtual hardware.

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